Anticipating iOS 7 – Red Shift : Clues to iOS 7 Redesign

With Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) a month away, speculation as to what iOS 7 will bring is at a fever pitch. Various sites have reported a spike in Apple’s internal use of iOS 7 as the annual festival of tech approaches. Given Apple’s talent for edgy and clue-ladden advertising, I believe the WWDC official logo provides hints right under our noses as to the near-certain iOS 7 aesthetic redesign; the letters WWDC are overlaid on a stack of rounded squares (Apple’s famous icon shape for apps). If these shapes are in fact the new icons for iOS 7 (and I believe they are), then we have a reasonable clue as to what colors the system apps will sport. Among these is a very noticeable red icon. These various new icons will almost certainly have a redesigned logo to accompany their new colors, and we can expect that Apple has taken incredible pains to make sure there is a certain aesthetic “logic” to the overall redesign. Interestingly, various attempts have been made to visualize what iOS 7 will bring, but few of them have seemed to incorporate this clue on the WWDC logo. One, however, has garnered some well-deserved attention.

Tim Green’s visualisation

Tim Green at has given what I believe to be the most realistic iOS 7 visualization to date. He takes the Messages app and incorporates the much-rumored “flat” design with the aforementioned aesthetic “logic” which he believes has been slowly incorporated into recent popular app updates (Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Pintrest, etc.). This movement is not towards a completely flat UI, but rather

a mellowing out of the visual indicators that people need to trigger the idea of a tappable element. Why? Because this is not 2007 anymore, and we are all now fully aware of the medium and the process; we don’t need to be led garishly by the hand. There is still a sense of depth and tactility but done in a refined and suggestive way, sensitive to the changed perceptions that people have of interacting with touchscreens.

If the above assessment of a UI trend is accurate, then what app will have be represented by a red icon? Please God, let it be Pages.


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